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The embroidery center can boast several techniques in customizing all types of clothing, ranging from traditional embroidery to laser applications, from sponge stitching to HD patch embroidery applications, mixed personalized embroideries with printing, sequin embroideries and much more. We can provide any type of garment or customize your own. Often, companies and/or individuals purchase the needed garments from their own suppliers and have them delivered directly to our company. Here they are processed and eventually shipped back to the customer (even anonymously). Please request all the information via email or call us…a quote is for free!

Thanks to several years of experience, it is possible to achieve a level of perfection and attention to detail that only our embroidery center in Pescara can boast. Techniques such as direct embroidery, embroidered patch application, HD patch applied with embroidery, laser-cut fabric inserts, and much more are the result of years of research, design, and experience. Request a free and non-binding quote; it is for free and you will see that the prices are cheaper than you think.


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The embroidery factory

Thanks to our extensive experience in the embroidery industry, we create patches designed to represent your team and stand out even on camouflage fabrics.

The selection of colour shades and gradients, as well as every other phase of the creation process, will be meticulously processed.

Our embroidery facility, surpassing even international competitors, boasts a team of experienced and highly qualified professionals known for their expertise and commitment to ongoing advancement.